Don’t Make Me Think Review

After reading Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, I realized a plethora of important ideas to make the web much easier to use and navigate. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, especially because the topic is so relevant to today’s age. With technology, including social media and the internet, being such a big part of our current century, I believe that knowing how to use the internet to the best of your ability is more important than ever. Many of the ideas were easy for me to grasp, while others took me some time to wrap my head around. Regardless, I do not regret reading this book at all and truly believe it will heavily benefit me in the future.

There were many lessons I learned from reading this book. However, there were certain ones that I know I need to remember in order for me to use the internet to its full capacity. The lesson which I consider the most important and the one I will use the most is how web pages should be easy to understand and navigate. If one has to spend at least three minutes trying to figure out the home page of a website, it is most definitely not worth it. What Krug says is that you should be led to the website and basically automatically be able to navigate easily. Once you get to a homepage, you should realize the main purpose of the website. Once the main purpose is realized, the next step is to explore. There should be tabs, images, videos, subtitles etc. All of these different factors lead to how usable a website is. Krug writes that the web was designed to make our lives easier. If this is the case, then why would we bother trying to understand a website or web application for an extended amount of time? We would not, because then we wouldn’t be using the web to the best of its ability. According to Krug, in this case, it wouldn’t be “usable”.

Another important lesson I learned is that there is no time for extra fluff. When users of the internet go to a website, they most likely are going to go straight for the facts. When there is too much detail and extra unnecessary fluff that distracts you from the original point of the website or from what you visited the page for, it automatically decreases the usability of the website. This goes back to the whole idea of the page being easy to navigate. Usually, when I’m looking for something and I can’t find what I am looking for in under three minutes, I go back to the search engine I am using and go to the next page.

In conclusion, this book is not only helpful for me as a user of the internet, but also for my future career. I plan on working for a communications department of a hockey team, which means I need to be able to know what attracts the most people to all forms of social media. This book has definitely helped me.

The “Sunshine State”


The past couple of weeks have made the “Sunshine State” turn into the “No Shine State.”

The first week of school, the beloved sun would shine in the morning and the rain would come out to play at noon. The second week of school, Hurricane Hermine hit. Some lost power, others just woke up in the middle of the night to rain hitting their windows.

The Gators played the University of Massachusetts that Saturday, and it rained on and off the entire time. It rained throughout the next week, but the game against Kentucky was purely sunshine; maybe a little too much.

It was nice to wake up to the weather shown above compared to what we’ve been having. Hopefully this weekend it will be sunny so the Gators can beat North Texas.


Day at the Library


Today is one of those days where the library is a must. After three full weeks in school, work and lack of sleep is definitely catching up to me.

It’s so important to take a full day off and use it to study and just catch up with life in general.

Being a senior, I also have to start looking for jobs soon, so I’ve been using today to do homework, study, update my resume, and apply for jobs that appeal to me.

I’m hoping to work in the sport management field, specifically in the communications department for a hockey team. I can’t wait for what’s in store!