Hurricane Matthew

Recently, one of the most popular and trending topics has been Hurricane Matthew. This hurricane wreaked havoc on many states throughout the country, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and many more.

Many places were flooded, houses were ruined, cars were hit, and trees were strewn across people’s yards. Many schools across the country closed, including UF. Classes at UF were closed starting at 3 PM on Thursday, and class was closed all day Friday. Including class being cancelled, the LSU vs. UF football game that was supposed to take place on October 8th was cancelled as well.

Not only was Florida affected, but states as far up the coast as North Carolina were as well. Schools were shut down to protect everyone and clean up their beloved homes.

We didn’t get much action from the hurricane here in Gainesville, but I am praying that everyone who did get affected is safe and sound.

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