The Tipping Point Review

I actually really enjoyed reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. As a 21 year old with many ideas that I have yet to put into effect, it’s nice to know that it’s completely possible to start a new idea whenever I feel is right. Gladwell takes us through this process in his book. He also shows us how exactly trends are started, and how they’re considered a “trend.”

Gladwell writes that what goes into starting a trend involves the factors and patterns. When you think about something that has turned into a trend, it always starts with one person, and then just catches on. You might wonder how a trend starts. If you look at something that is popular nowadays, like memes. If you look at memes, how do you think they become popular. It starts with one, and then people build off of them and come up with their own ideas to make them original.

What Gladwell says is that everything has to do with pop culture. If something that is trying to trend has no relation to pop culture, it’s most likely not going to catch on to our current generation.